Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shana Tova and Ramadan Kareem!

Happy New Year, people! May it be one of prosperity, peace, interesting things and lots of tasty food!

And in case you're Muslim - Ramadan Kareem!

This is shaping up to be yet another turbulent year. Could be the herald of disaster or the early breeze of good change; too early to know, but it's always good to ponder.

So, what presents did we get for the New Year/Ramadan?

The most relevant to your truly is the IAF bombing targets in Syria and all the brouhaha around it.

The bombed site was, apparently, a joint North Korean-Iranian installation. The Syrians had no idea what was going on there (the place was "leased" to Iran) and were extremely surprised both by the bombing and by the fact that the site was, apparently, some sort of a nuclear installation.

Another interesting bit about this incident is the Turkish reaction and involvement - apparently, Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) assisted IAF in this operation without the knowledge of the government. I'd say that this was a message more than anything - to Syria that Turkey is ever vigilant, to Israel and USA that Turkey is a staunch ally, to the Turkish government that they're at TAF's mercy. All in all, from TAF's and IAF's point of view, this was a huge success.

Combine this with the reports of USA preparing for a massive strike against Iran, various high-up members of the Knesset urging for such and the recent mewlings of ElBaradei... the picture becomes very interesting indeed.

On the other hand, we have Olmert (AKA The Chief Worm) apparently planning something even more horrible than the Oslo Disaster. According to the reports, he wants to give our dear Arab cousins everything; the only question remaining is whether we'll build concentration/extermination camps for ourselves or tie ourselves down so that our dear cousins can have some fun with us before we die.

Will this cretin be able to implement his mad plan before his Government of Worms is removed from power? Will something else happen before this mad capitulation can occur - such as our dear cousins jumping the gun again, a massive war in the Middle East, a nuclear/chemical/biological strike against Israel, the people of Israel waking up and hanging the worms?

No way of knowing. But it sure shapes up to be an interesting year :)


Nobody said...

Raccoon said...

Shana Tova and Ramadan Kareem!

well man .. dunno what to tell you after such a beginning .. maybe you should start writing peace posts ?

The Raccoon said...

All we are saaaaaaaaaying... is give beace a chance...

*lighters in the air*

Nobody said...


Uragan said...

How very interesting....I was going to be naughty and just go into your latest thread and ask about the bombing but now I do not have to. 8-D

NOMAD said...

doesn't a racoon eat worms ?

it's a lot of noise, but I think less actions, it's kind of bluffing game !

see you in 2 years anyway

Nobody said...

you missed a lot of fun we had on nizo's blog :D :D

:D :D

Twosret said...

Ramadan Kareem ya Raccoon :) Brava blogging obviously made you a good Raccoon.

shlemazl said...

Ramadan Kareem to you too :)

Nobody said...

Ramadan Kareem wa Rahmatulla wa Barakatu to Shlemazl and other faithful who are posting on this blog

HalalHippie said...

totally unrelated, but.. on another blog, far away you wrote:
"doubleplusgood duckspeaker fucks"
Man, I just re-read 1984, and I found the 1954 BBC take on it. Scary.
Ever seen that one ?

Be goodthinkful. maybe one Arab will be too. A drop in the ocean. One one cocoa fill de basket.

Nobody said...

HalalHippie said...

totally unrelated, but.. on another blog, far away you wrote:
"doubleplusgood duckspeaker fucks"

ha ha ha

Nobody said...

though with a certain delay i would like to congratulate you raccoon with the end of ramadan ... happy eid el-fitr to you ...

Nobody said...
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Nobody said...

salam warahmatulla aleik ya rakun ... why are you not blogging anymore???

Anonymous said...

smotri kak zhidovsvo rozpizdelos'
davno mi im obrezanie ne delali

Red Tulips said...

Where are you, Raccoon?

I will be in Israel soon, and was hoping we could meet up!


Red Tulips

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Lirun said...

hey you're not the one who's preggers - whats ur excuse!

Nobody said...

Ramadan Kareem to you, ya Raccoon

:D :D

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Mimz said...

Raccoon- where art thou!