Monday, May 4, 2009

Barcelona is Yaffo!

A coworker describing Barcelona after a work trip there:

"It's exactly like Israel, but without the atmosphere of war. Imagine Israel, but without the Arabs. Beautiful land, good food, interesting old architecture... Barcelona is like Yaffo without Arabs"


nominally challenged said...

But as a taxi driver said to me when I arrived in Barcelona for the first time: "you have the PLO, we have ETA".

Your coworker was probably also oblivious to the Spanish-Catalan tension in BCN - not readily visible to outsiders, but very much there.

Having said that, though. Barcelona is wonderful, and very reminiscent of Tel Aviv, particularly with respect to the beaches, the nightlife and the general attitude of the population. I felt very at home there.

Of course, Yafo is a great deal older as an inhabited city than Barcelona.

Abu Sa'ar said...

NC -

I was more amused by the man's thought process than by anything...

And I've never been in that part of Europe. Unless I get significantly richer, the charms of Catalonia will have to wait; Italy's got precedence as my next travel destination :)

As for ETA - walla, NC, give the PLO some credit. The daily bombings of the 90s were very impressive. And in terms of sheer brutality - public torture and lynching of homosexuals and suspected collaborators, targeting kindergartens with bombs, close-range killing of babies and pregnant women - the ETA have nothing on the PLO. Not to mention the success of the PLO in acquiring territory, killing people, making noise and making money. Give the Arabs respect where due, man :P

nominally challenged said...

Oh, I was merely quoting the man.

Then again, so were you ... :)