Monday, May 11, 2009

Enemy Of All Mankind

Pirates  are a universally agreen upon evil; the harm they cause is obvious, the need to deter them is urgent. And yet they are not deterred by the "world community"; piracy is rising rapidly and is all the rage in Somalia nowadays.

Easy to understand, really. If you succeed you stand to become a millionaire; if you fail, well, a walk down Bakaara Market on a good day is much more hazardous. And yet when the esteemed magazine Economist raises the inefficiency of deterrence, no mention of the traditional cure for piracy is made.

Throwing easily replaceable guns overboard is a good start. Sending their owners down to Davy Jones and treating pirates as what they are - hostis humani generis - is the only reasonabe way to go about it.

How long before the first batch of 21 century pirates are publicly made to walk the plank by some Chinese or Russians?


Red Tulips said...

Dear Raccoon,


I have missed you and your insights! I am excited you are back online again!

I hope to eventually meet up when I get back to Israel.

Much love,

Red Tulips


G.H.REES Second most urgent message of planet security

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gelilah@israel said...

russian tour agencies suggest special tour to samali that includes real fight with pirates and true shooting from guns. maybe other countries have to offer the same-its nice way to earn money and start open war with pirates